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Smart Meeting Room – Lintasarta

Lintasarta (PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta) is an Indonesian telecommunications company that specializes in providing data communication, internet, and IT services.

Since its establishment in April 1988, Lintasarta has been an integral part of the business dynamics in Indonesia, delivering reliable data communication, business information, and internet services to even the most remote areas in the archipelago.

Lintasarta has been trusted to serve over 1,700 corporate partners and has built connections to more than 20,000 networks, utilizing advanced infrastructure based on the Next Generation Network (NGN) platform. Lintasarta\’s services are supported by local support teams in over 44 cities across Indonesia.

As a highly dynamic and large company, Lintasarta has a significant need for meeting spaces. This often poses challenges in finding available meeting rooms that do not clash with other scheduled meetings. To address this issue, Lintasarta requires a meeting room reservation management system called Smart Meeting Room. With the Smart Meeting Room application accessible from their smartphones, Lintasarta employees can easily schedule meetings based on the available meeting rooms.

How We Help?

  • Concept
  • UI/Ux Design (Mobile)
  • Development (Mobile)
  • Implementation

Currently, the Smart Meeting Room application has been implemented at Lintasarta\’s headquarters in Jakarta and has greatly assisted Lintasarta employees in reserving meeting rooms.


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